High School & HS Seniors

Sessions at the places you like

Sessions are anywhere within the greater Colorado Springs area at no extra fee.

Choose a location at the places you like, choose the Session that fits your needs and customize a Package specifically for you.

Sessions at the places you remember

Choose a basic Session, or choose a Session with multiple locations and clothing changes.

Also available are Senior Announcements, Thank You Cards, Senior Albums, Wall Art and gift ideas, all that you can customize to fit your personality and your style.

Senior Pictures are more than just a Yearbook Image, 

they're images designed to reflect a special time in your life.

High School and HS Senior Pictures are an expression of who you are, who you have been, 

and who you aspire to be.

But don't stress about what they're supposed to be like, just be yourself!

All yearbook images will be per the high school specification, 

Creativity is encouraged for all others.

Choose a Studio Location, or a Session with multiple locations.

The Basic Session offers no clothing changes, but layers work!

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